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Paid Search Marketing

Our Approach

Our approach is unique. By connecting our team of pay-per-click experts directly with our development team, we are able build and grow profitable PPC accounts. We effectively leverage automation to maximize ROI for our clients. The Grayscale team is actively monitoring every PPC account, ensuring every client is reaching their full digital marketing potential.

Grayscale’s advanced automation software is built on many years of valuable digital marketing experience from proven strategies in online sales, lead generation, email signups and form completions. By closely monitoring and managing bid & performance data for all keywords, placements, audiences, ad copy, and product feeds in real-time, Grayscale delivers results for our clients.

Grayscale Transparency

Our Transparency

Transparency is the foundation of our agency. We will go the extra mile to make sure that you are fully aware of what is going on with your account and we have addressed all of your questions.

As our client, the Grayscale team would continuously grow and optimize your PPC account(s). Detailed progress reports are emailed every month by your dedicated Grayscale representative who is available anytime to assist you along the way.


Only a handful of digital marketing agencies have earned Premier Partner Status. This badge is only awarded to agencies who have shown outstanding results for their clients over an extended period of time. We’re proud to be part of this exclusive group of agencies, hand-picked by Google.

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