Google Partner

We are a Pay-Per-Click Focused Ad Agency.

Whether you need local, national or global PPC advertising,
Grayscale can create and manage campaigns designed specifically for your online marketing goals.

AdWords Management

AdWords requires ongoing attention to CPC bidding, keyword performance, ad copy, and quality scores. Managing ads within the network is a delicate balance of A/B testing, keyword targeting, audiences, remarketing, placements, demographics, ad-scheduling, device and location bid adjustments.

Knowing how to “connect the dots” correctly to meet your marketing goals takes experience and dedication. Strategically designed campaigns and ongoing PPC management ensure your internet marketing goals are achieved.

Certified Google Partner

We are proud to be recognized as a partner of Google Adwords, certified to manage Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping Advertising on, search partners, and the Google Display Network. Adwords Account Managers at Grayscale are all required to have a higher level of screening, certification, training and product knowledge.

Our Approach

Achieving your online marketing goals requires a detailed understanding of your market and discovering what makes your company “unique”. We customize your experience with Grayscale based on your specific needs.

As a client, you will gain access to our client portal, and you will be provided with a detailed review of your website to ensure that everything is “advertising-worthy”, such as website load time, navigability, conversion tracking, and A/B testing to name a few.

We will work with existing online advertising campaigns, or build new campaigns specifically tailored to your marketing goals.


With Grayscale, you can see everything in real-time that’s happening within your PPC campaigns in your Grayscale Client Module, where you can monitor our progress and communicate with your dedicated Account Manager quickly and easily.

Your campaigns are always fully accessible, and you always hold the administrative ownership of your PPC Accounts. We do not hold accounts in our name or spend any of your budgets through Grayscale. This is what we call “Complete Transparency”.

Conversion Tracking and ROI Optimization

Tracking profitable clicks is a valuable asset for any PPC campaign. Understanding clicks that are not profitable can be even more valuable for the success of your campaign.

A conversion can be a form submission, phone call, newsletter sign-up, membership, or a game installation, just to name a few. Conversions are recorded and tracked into your PPC campaign using a snippet of code which is added to specific locations of value on your website.

With Grayscale, conversion tracking and strategic code integration are included for our clients. This allows us to optimize PPC campaigns efficiently based on what is valuable to any business - leads.

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