Market Byte: Bitcoin is Up. Why?

Explore how Bitcoin is poised to perform strongly regardless of the FOMC meeting outcome, as it demonstrates resilience amid market uncertainty and captures potential upside in various scenarios.

GBTC Oral Arguments Preview with Don Verrilli

Our senior legal strategist Don Verrilli shares what drew him to Grayscale’s case, as he prepares to advocate for GBTC to be allowed to convert to a spot Bitcoin ETF in front of the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Q&A: Fair Value Accounting

A recent vote from FASB, The Financial Accounting Standards Board, could have exciting implications for crypto, says our Chief Financial Officer, Edward McGee.

Market Byte: Governance Implications of Uniswap’s BNB Expansion

Decentralization is one of the key differentiating features of crypto; this is not controversial. But what does it mean for the governance structure of a given protocol to be sufficiently decentralized? This is the subject of ongoing debates. Critics will accuse certain crypto projects of “governance theater” –  i.e. going through the motions of being decentralized […]

Legal Spotlight: The Curious Case of the MNGO Commodity-Security

Current regulatory interpretations of law can cause digital assets to simultaneously fall under multiple legal classifications by different federal agencies (e.g., as both a commodity and a security). This can potentially make it difficult to develop compliance and operational requirements for individual crypto assets – and may complicate which federal regulators have oversight of the […]

Market Byte: Ethereum’s Shanghai Update & Liquid Staking Derivatives

The upcoming Shanghai hard fork (EIP-4895) on the Ethereum network, set for March 2023, aims to unlock a significant amount of staked Ethereum (“ETH”), which currently makes up more than 13% of the total supply of Ethereum.1 Enabling the withdrawal of staked ETH is a highly anticipated milestone, as stakers have been earning yield since […]

GBTC Lawsuit: Grayscale’s Reply Brief

Grayscale’s newest filing addresses counterpoints made by the SEC in ongoing legal proceedings over GBTC’s application to convert to a spot bitcoin ETF.