Grayscale® Digital Infrastructure Opportunities LLC (GDIO)

GDIO combines Grayscale’s proven track record of investment management with Foundry’s bitcoin mining expertise, offering investors an opportunity to invest in bitcoin mining infrastructure.

Why invest in GDIO?

Grayscale Digital Infrastructure Opportunities LLC provides investors with an opportunity to complement their crypto exposure with a direct investment in the mining infrastructure that powers the digital asset ecosystem. GDIO offers an income stream generated from an operating business that is differentiated from traditional income-oriented investments.

Purchase bitcoin mining equipment at an optimal time in the cycle, and mine while the market recovers 

Create new portfolio exposure through an asset that aims to produce yield

Co-invest with DCG subsidiary companies and leverage Foundry’s operating expertise

Access an incentive-driven fee structure with no management fee

Grayscale’s Digital Infrastructure Opportunities LLC
is only available to Accredited Investors.