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Grayscale Pledges $1 Million Donation and Additional $1 Million Donation Match to Coin Center


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At Grayscale Investments, we believe digital currencies and blockchain technology have the potential to make the world a fundamentally better place. These technologies, just a decade old, have spawned a new industry attracting the best and brightest in the world to tackle some of the toughest economic and social issues of our time. In many ways, the people working in this space aren’t just part of an industry, they are also part of a movement.


Like any movement, educating the broader public and our global leaders about the issues we face is critical. This is why Grayscale is proud to announce a $1 million donation and additional $1 million matching donation drive through the month of February to Coin Center, the leading non-profit think tank focused on public policy affecting cryptocurrency networks.


While the digital currency industry is maturing, the reality is that the technology is still not uniformly understood by policymakers and regulators. Coin Center produces research, educates policymakers, and advocates for sensible regulation of digital currencies and permissionless networks by governments. Its efforts are aimed at encouraging innovation and bringing clarity to key decision makers focused on this space.


Today, digital currencies have emerged as a bona fide asset class, and virtually every major corporation is considering how blockchain and distributed ledgers can enhance their own capabilities, while the investment community has moved to make significant allocations into crypto. There is no better time than now for informed regulation to lay strong foundations for this industry’s growth and protect its future. In addition to supporting Coin Center, Grayscale Investments is a member and financial supporter of Blockchain Association, a digital currency trade association that focuses on promoting better policymaking for cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. As the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, we feel the responsibility of shaping these foundations strongly, but we also know we’re not alone.


Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken first began this donate-and-match initiative for Coin Center in 2018. We’re proud to carry on that tradition today and look forward to seeing the industry take up this mantle in the spirit of advancing innovation across the globe.


Individuals can join the matching campaign by donating through Corporate donations and major gifts should contact [email protected].

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