Digital Currency Investor Toolkit
Table of Contents

  1. Current Monetary Environment
  2. Bitcoin’s Disinflationary Qualities
  3. Bitcoin’s Increasing Adoption
  4. Bitcoin Fundamentals
  5. Bitcoin Mechanics
  6. Mining and Proof-of-Work
  7. Mining Difficulty Adjustment
  8. Bitcoin is Digital Gold
  9. Great Wealth Transfer to Millennials
  10. Societal Benefits for Individuals in Developing Countries
  11. Regulatory Clarity Paves the Way
  12. Cryptocurrency-Related Crime at All-Time Low
  13. Is Bitcoin Worth the Energy
  14. Bitcoin is Past the Point of Being Overtaken
  15. Bitcoin’s Increasing Volume and Liquidity
  16. Bitcoin Has Been the Best Performing Asset of the 21st Century
  17. A Growing Store of Value with Tremendous Upside Potential
  18. Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow (Supply)
  19. Bitcoin and Metcalfe’s Law (Demand)
  20. Bitcoin and Modern Portfolio Theory
  21. Portfolio Simulations with Bitcoin
  22. How to Invest in Bitcoin
  23. About Grayscale
  24. Grayscale’s Investment Products