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2019 Female Investor Study


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Perspectives from Female Investors on Investing in Bitcoin

This report, which is a follow-on to the Bitcoin 2019 Investor Study that examined retail investors’ interests, perceptions, and misconceptions about Bitcoin, takes a closer look at the perspectives of female investors on Bitcoin.

Our research shows that women represent a significant market for Bitcoin as investors. Specifically, the Investing in Bitcoin: Perspectives from Female Investors findings include:

  • 63% of female investors appreciate the ability to invest in fractional amounts of Bitcoin (compared to buying a whole coin or a full share of a stock), vs. 56% of male investors.
  • 60% of female investors like the liquidity offered by direct Bitcoin investments, vs. 56% of male investors.
  • More female investors indicated that they lack familiarity with Bitcoin (76% female vs. 52% male investors), but an overwhelming majority of female investors (93%) noted that they could be more open to the asset class if they had more educational resources available to them.

Download the full Investing in Bitcoin: Perspectives from Female Investors report below to explore the data in-depth.

Access the Report

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