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Bitcoin & the Rise of Digital Gold


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Over the last decade, Bitcoin has grown from a small-scale experiment into the dominant leader of a new asset class with the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives. Just as the computer and the internet radically transformed the way people store, process, and share information, Bitcoin radically enhances the ways we store, process, and exchange value.

While gold has historically played a central role in economies driven by physical exchange, the world we live in today is digital. As our money and payment systems evolve, Bitcoin threatens to displace gold as the ultimate store-of-value asset. Our research and experience have reinforced that a steady allocation to Bitcoin, in place of or in addition to gold, may enhance the risk-adjusted returns of traditional investment portfolios.

Our findings cover:

  • The origins of money
  • Why gold was historically considered “good money”
  • Why Bitcoin is better than gold in the Digital Age
  • Why we believe now is the time to invest in Bitcoin
  • How a strategic allocation to Bitcoin can improve the efficiency of investment portfolios

Download the full Bitcoin & the Rise of Digital Gold report below.

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