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Investments in the metaverse have continued to grow and Facebook’s announcement to shift its focus on the metaverse has sparked a new wave of interest in virtual worlds. While this sector is still in the early stages of growth, it has the potential to transform our increasingly digital lives. As a result, the native tokens and virtual world real estate assets of leading Web 3.0 metaverse economies have been booming.

In Decentraland, one of the leading blockchain-based virtual worlds, users can earn MANA (the native token), to purchase LAND, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that divides Decentraland into virtual plots. As with physical real estate, the value of real estate in Decentraland is determined by participants in a market economy. Users realize value through a variety of business and leisure use cases, including art galleries, offices, games, casinos, advertising, sponsored content, and music venues.

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