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Horizen (ZEN) Investment Thesis


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A Secure & Private Platform for Money, Messages, & Media

Horizen – an end-to-end encrypted platform over which money, messages, and media can be securely and privately transmitted and stored – addresses growing concerns over the right to privacy in the Digital Age. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, and one that market participants would be willing to pay a premium for in the age of private, distributed networks.

Our investment thesis for Horizen (formerly known as ZenCash), and its native digital currency ZEN (where we believe the majority of network value will accrue), is built on six key elements:

  • A powerful vision to satisfy an unmet market need
  • An innovative protocol design, with built-in incentives
  • Expert protocol development
  • Early indications that the “network effect” is underway
  • Large opportunities ($) spanning both existing and next-generation markets
  • The role ZEN can play as part of an optimal digital asset allocation

In its fullest form, Horizen represents an important distributed-network alternative to the public internet that may allow users to control their digital footprint, including how they manage, distribute, and monetize proprietary information and exchange value with one another. Our excitement about Horizen is driven by a powerful vision to satisfy an unmet market need, built on cutting-edge technology, with a sound incentive structure to perpetuate network effects.

Download the full Horizen (ZEN) Investment Thesis below.

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